What's on the menu?


Loaded Rice with Plantians and Pernil Pork -Slow Roasted Pork Pernil-Tostones~Plantains -BBQ Pork Pinchos

                                   Main course


 Pork Roll Sandwich - Roasted Taylor Ham w/ fried

  egg and cheese on an english muffin 

Empanada - Beef, potato, corn, sweet jalapeno

Loaded Pappas - Crispy fries topped w/ smokey chili,   cheese, sweet jalapeno, pork, special sauces

Rican Dog - Loaded hot dog served w/ chili         cheese or classic style w/ ketchup and mustard

Pinchos - BBQ pork shoulder on skewers 

Momma Rosa's Rice - Spanish style rice w/

 ham, beans, corn, olives, secret seasonings

Fried Plantains - deep fried plantains

Pernil  - Slow roasted pork shoulder w/ specialty sauces

Jerk Chicken - Slow cooked pulled jerk chicken

Pernil Sandwich - Slow cooked pork, special

  blend of cheese, sweet jalapeno, on locally

   sourced Pan Sobao bread 


Pernil Bowl - Our slow roasted pork served with Momma Rosa's rice and sweet bread 

Pincho Bowl - Our slow roasted BBQ pork shoulder, with Momma
                Rosa's rice and sweet bread 

Jerk Chicken Bowl - Our slow cooked jerk chicken, with Momma
                Rosa's rice and sweet bread

Empanada Meal - Our Empanada with Momma Rosa's rice


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