About Us!

Anthony and his brother Don Juan have been members of the community for almost a decade, all the while, picking up skills and perfecting their recipes. They have always had a dream of running their own business, and that dream has finally become reality. They are bringing their own twist to their family's recipes, with a unique blend of traditional Puerto Rican and East Coast flavors that will make your mouth water. Their menu highlights empanadas, slow cooked pork, BBQ pork skewers, fried plantains, and traditional Puerto Rican rice. Throughout their childhood, they would always hear that their mother’s cooking was amazing and should be sold – they knew the food would stand out above the rest.


The inception of Dos Medinas Food Trailer came during the pandemic, as their lives were greatly affected. Anthony found himself laid off, while Juan was transitioning to a new position in the culinary field. 


After being in the area for 9 years, they would often hear from members of the community that different food options were desperately needed in the area. Anthony and Juan could not agree more – for the betterment of the community, different food options could only help lift the community up. After years of building careers, Anthony and Juan decided to work together to make a simple goal happen – to bring authentic Puerto Rican food to the Carbon Valley, and to make a difference.

Anthony and Juan realized their skills complement each other well. They have shared things their whole lives and knew they could make a business happen.


Juan joined the Army at 18 years old, as a 35 November, Signals Analyst. He spent 3 years in Fort Bragg after Airborne school and was deployed to Bagram, Afghanistan for his last year of service. While deployed, he was part of multiple force protection missions alongside American Marines, Georgian Soldiers, and Troops from Kosovo. After leaving the military, he was drawn back to his passion for food and has been working to fine tune the skills to make him the best version of himself. Juan has studied under several chefs and learned various styles of cooking. He graduated from Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in February 2022. Since then, he has managed several crews on food trucks and continued to develop his skills as a chef and a manager.


Anthony has invested several years into this community,  coaching wrestling at Frederick High School. Next year will be his 3rd year as head coach of the program. He moved to Colorado with his wife after graduating college in 2014, with a degree in Business Management focusing on business sustainability from Western New England University. Anthony built a career in engineering, maintenance, and management. He worked in Denver in the engineering department of a solar company, leading 13 engineers and he also worked in manufacturing, managing a 40 man build crew making wind turbine blades. Anthony has always had an affinity for mechanical applications, from building cars and welding, to having a well-rounded background in general residential and industrial maintenance. 

Dos Medinas Food Trailer was officially started in January 2023 and began selling food at American Legion Post 1985 in April 2023. They want to continue to set their roots in this great community and are here to bring new flavor to the area. Anthony and Juan are both of Puerto Rican descent and were born and raised on the East Coast, hailing from Massachusetts. 

Please allow Dos Medinas the opportunity to show you what they can do. They know their foods are different, but maybe you can find a new favorite dish! Don't miss the wave as they build, to hopefully make a big impact in this community. They are just getting started and the future is uncertain, but they believe in this community and have goals to grow into a brick-and-mortar place of their own here in town. They would like to invest back into the sports programs in the community and help the next generation before they take over. 


To Dos Medinas, this isn't just a business, but an opportunity to help the community through good food and kinship. Together we are Dos Medinas. 

For God. For Family, For Community.

Anthony Medina 

CEO Dos Medinas LLC 

Don Juan Medina

Head of Operations