Meet the chefs

Chef Don Juan 

We love what we do, and we believe our passion is reflected in our deliciousness.
Chef Don Juan and our father, the patriarch, Don Juan Senior. Our family instilled in us the virtue of hard work and giving back. We hope to make a significant impact in our community. 

 We are veteran owner and operated.

This is the food we ate growing up around family functions. We have taken traditional Puerto Rican food recipes and added our little flair on top. Through years of travel, we have picked up flavors and recipes, and used that experience to bring to you what we offer. This is only the beginning.


 Chef Anthony

We believe in giving back to our community and have for years.
We support local youth sports and plan to give back whatever we can to help grow the community. 

Choose Dos Medinas Puerto Rican Food Trailer and you will not be disappointed!!!

From delectable breakfast, to out of this world lunch and dinner, we have something for everyone.


We provide catering for all events - work parties, weddings, birthday parties, employee appreciation parties, graduations, the list goes on! 

You name it and Dos Medinas will be there for you!!

We can provide frozen meals for you to make at home by request!

Cost competitive pricing! 

Call to see what we can do to help!